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How To Define Your Team Culture Goals With Your Athletes

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The 100-Point Exercise, found in the PDF below, is a good starting place to keep your goals as a coach in balance with your athlete's cultural values throughout the season. You can print and fill out the Exercise and assess where you put the most points, and where your athletes put the most points.

Talk to your athlete's about their goals, and show them yours. Use this to ease tensions, come up with what matters for your team, and use it as a guide to have an honest discussion about what’s important. And remember – don’t impose your goals. Respect your athlete's approach, and that will help maintain a healthy culture throughout the season.

The exercise is designed to help coaches think about the values they want as part of their team culture. Both coaches and athletes can use the form to allocate a total of 100 points, indicating the emphasis placed on the various values listed.

This PDF was excerpted from PCA's 'Double-Goal Coach®: Culture, Practices and Games' workshop for coaches. To learn more about the workshop and all of PCA's offerings, click here.

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