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Defining The Role of a Coach: Game Changing Tips

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PCA and Coaching Corps both share a desire to ensure high quality coaches are engaging with our youth, particularly those who have experience in social/emotional skill development and can work with youth to identify, target and help improve deficiencies. With these two organizations working together to ensure the best options for youth, PCA will funnel volunteer coaches to Coaching Corps for best placement in communities with the most need.

Coaches can have a profound impact on their teams— here are some tips to change the game for kids:

  • Model what supportive and empathetic relationships look like
  • Be intentional in the way that they plan practices, how they talk to players, and how they work through challenges
  • Lead from a youth-centered perspective (find out what their players want to get out of the season)
  • Demonstrate friendly, kind, and respectful interactions with all players, fellow coaches, other teams, referees, families, and program staff.

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