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Why All Coaches Should Read Aristotle

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PCA National Advisory Board Member Dacher Keltner is a Psychology Professor and the Director of the Greater Good Science Center (@GreaterGoodSC) at UC-Berkeley. Keltner is most famous in the sports world for his study on NBA teams, when he identified a link between positive, supportive ‘touching’ (such as high-fives) and success on the court. Keltner is also a published author, most recently publishing The Power Paradox.

Though not always thought of as recommended reading for coaches, Keltner highly recommends that coaches read Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics. Not only is it a short read, but it can give coaches a window into virtue, ethics, courage, and justice to help them keep the bigger picture of coaching in perspective. Often, virtues are more thought of in the context of church or school, but virtues can be taught even more effectively in sports, which is why Keltner recommends Aristotle for all coaches.