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Learning "Human Skills" Also Makes You A Better Athlete

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With experience teaching golf around the world, Christopher Smith of Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (@PumpkinRidgeGC) teaches students that are PGA TOUR players, top-ranked junior golfers, professional athletes and novice players. Smith competed on the European Challenge Tour before pursuing his passion for golf instruction. His numerous awards include being named by Golf Magazine among its list of the “Top 100 Instructors in America” and by Golf Digest as one of the top golf instructors in Oregon.

Often, we think that sports are fertile ground for life lessons. However, in this video, Christopher Smith suggests that learning life lessons also in turn make you a better athlete. For instance, golf can be a very unfair and unforgiving sport that tests resiliency, grit and focus. According to Smith, if you have not learned those lessons and human skills early on, golf will be more difficult. In other words, learning life lessons not only makes you a better person, but also a better athlete.