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Don't Make Your Kids Learning Process Harder Than It Already Is

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Albert "AJ" Johnson (@AJinsuresME) played 8 years of professional football in the NFL, NFL Europe, and the CFL. AJ played for the Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets and was also a two-time CFL All-star. He is also the Chapter Executive Director for Positive Coaching Alliance in Houston. He has volunteered his time coaching little league baseball, youth football, and other sports at Houston St. Thomas High School. AJ Johnson is also a sports parent of twin boys, a daughter, and a younger son.

Johnson begins the video by sharing that kids never try and make mistakes or purposefully do poorly in sports. For example, if a kid is already trying his hardest to hit the ball but still struggles to make contact, a parent shouting instructions from the stands doesn't help the kid learn and improve, but just confuses and distracts them further. Instead of the intended desire to make life and sports easier, these shouts just make it more difficult for a kid than it already is.

Kids already face pressure in life outside of sports as they grow up. When sports also become a pressure-packed environment instead of an opportunity to get away from some of the other necessary pressures that exist in life, it's unfortunate and detrimental to a kid's growth.