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Don't Measure Parenting Success Through Your Kid's Achievements

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Matt Hayden (@MattHayden_) presently works as PCA's Business Development Manager for Chapter Expansion. Prior to PCA, Matt primarily worked in baseball. While earning his degree in Sport Management at Kennesaw State University, he was a member of the Atlanta Braves promotion team. Upon graduation he took an internship with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. He also worked in the sales and marketing departments for Minor League Baseball's Lakewood BlueClaws and the Kane County Cougars.

Hayden talks about the lesson that failing in sports teaches kids. Today's "win at all cost" culture teaches kids that failure and mistakes are unacceptable which is not the lesson kids need to learn from sports. Failure is crucial for the growth of children., as it teaches them to take risks, face adversity, and learn from previous mistakes.

Parents need to let their children know that their children are supported no matter the outcome of any games they play. Parents cannot measure their own achievement by that of their child. Instead, parents should embrace the lessons that sports teach whether that involves winning or losing.