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How Parents Can Make A Coach's Job Easier With Empathy

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Chris Catanach is the University of Tampa head volleyball coach. He is in his 33rd season in charge of the Spartan program, leading one of the elite programs in the country with 1,000+ wins, 25 Sunshine State Conference titles, 30 NCAA appearances, 17 trips to the NCAA Elite Eight, four national runner-up finishes and the NCAA Division II national championship on two occasions. Catanach led the Spartans to the 2006 and 2014 national titles.

Catanach, also a sports parent, knows that coaches must prepare their athletes and accomplish objectives each practice. In this video, he urges parents to play a supportive role in that preparation process by understanding and realizing the coach won't be perfect along the way. If an issue arises between the kid and the coach, he says, parents can play a crucial role in instructing their kid to talk about issues privately with the coach.