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Kids Don't Have To Decide At Age Six That They Want To Be Pro Athletes

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R.C. Buford is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and is the President of sports franchises for Spurs Sports and Entertainment. In this current position, Buford serves as the GM of the Spurs (@spurs) while overseeing the sports administration for the other three teams in the SS&E family (Austin Spurs, Silver Stars and San Antonio Rampage). In the summer of 1997 he became the Spurs Director of Scouting, was promoted to Vice President/Assistant GM in the summer of 1999, and became the Spurs GM in 2002. In Buford's time with the Spurs, the team has won five NBA championships.

Modern youth sports are much more structured than they were in the past. Because of this, kids have the freedom to play whatever sports they want, and as long as parents are expressing the right values to their kids, they'll be able to grow and play all kinds of sports without any other pressures.