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First Board Meeting Welcoming Remarks

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As the president of a youth sports organization, you’re opening remarks to the board of directors is an important first impression. Use this time thoughtfully to convey meaningful information, and to kick off the start of your season on a good note.

You can begin by telling everyone your name and a little bit about yourself and why you volunteered your time to lead the organization this year. Making personal connections with other board members in this way will strengthen your interactions throughout the year.

The most important focus of these introductory remarks is the mission of the organization and its reason for existing. People know what's important to an organization by what's talked about, so include your commitment to a Positive Coaching mission and desire for kids to have fun in your league.

You'll also want to cover general board member expectations, assignments and the details of how the board will meet and conduct business.

More thoughts on board welcoming remarks can be found in this article.

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