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Tips For A Successful Board Meeting

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Running a successful board meeting takes intention and thoughtful planning. There are certain tried and true tips that will help a YSO leader get the best outcome possible from these meetings, and implementing a few of these changes might make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your board.

The first important tips to keep board members happily returning are to start and end the meetings on time and to stick to the agenda. People are volunteering their time to help your YSO; they will appreciate the respect of sticking to the agenda and time allotted.

Be sure, too, to get everyone's input during these meetings. Certain board members may bring more experience or be more vocal, but all attendees should feel welcome to contribute. This will also help you, as a leader, get a variety of ideas and opinions to help guide the best outcomes.

Another tip is to include “appreciations and triumphs” on every board meeting agenda. This is an opportunity for participants to thank or recognize other members or the board as a whole. Appreciations and triumphs help to create a positive atmosphere in which board members feel valued for their contributions.

Included in this PDF are more tips and tools for making your board meetings successful. Check them out to make positive changes before your next board meeting!

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