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Board Of Directors By-Laws

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As with any business, the Board of Directors for a youth sports organization should have a set of by-laws in place to provide a framework for its operation and management. Having this structure in place from the beginning will create consistency for the board and the president.

The by-laws can include rules in the following areas: place of business, purpose/mission, board of directors, meetings, fiscal year, method to amend the by-laws and officers/duties.

By-laws can help establish standards such as how the board of directors is elected, how long they will govern and how voting will occur. In addition, the by-laws can contain a list of the director titles that will make up the board, as well as a description of each role.

Your by-laws, as those listed here, may not need to be lengthy or overly detailed, but having this structure in place will help to guide the management of your league or club. Below you'll find a set of example by-laws, to help guide you in creating your own.

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