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General Board Meeting Sample Agenda

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Having a consistent and detailed board meeting agenda will help your youth sports organization board to be more effective, and will give your board members confidence that the meetings will be run efficiently.

Start by announcing the formal beginning of the meeting. At the first meeting, introduce yourself, welcome the board members, and have the board members introduce themselves. Ask if any of the board members would like to make additions to the agenda, so that the rest of the meeting is an all-inclusive approach to covering the topics.

It is recommended that boards partake in “appreciations and triumphs”, which are an opportunity for board members to thank or recognize other members for their contributions. For example, one board member may thank another for helping with registration or congratulate the board for raising $1,000 in a fundraiser. This positive reflection of effort helps to create an atmosphere in which board members feel valued.

It is also important to have each board member report on any newly completed tasks or issues that have occurred. Included here is any business the board must discuss or vote on. Also, be sure to discuss tasks that need to be completed before the next meeting.

Finally, be sure to respect the time commitment by closing the meeting on time. You want the board members looking forward to meetings, and that means reliably wrapping up when the allotted time is spent. For a further example of a formal meeting agenda, see this PDF.

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