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Positive Charting-For Mentor Officials

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Giving feedback to peers can be difficult and awkward. Our tendency is to give negative feedback about what they are doing wrong when performing a task. While this approach may be necessary at times, it's important to also provide positive feedback about what they are doing right. These types of comments will serve to reinforce good behavior, while also preparing them emotionally to receive more critical feedback.

At Positive Coaching Alliance we call this Filling Emotional Tanks. A full tank represents feelings of optimism and lends itself to the ability to handle difficult situations. Therefore, when someone you work with is being told what they are doing right, they will be more responsive when you need to tell them they are doing something wrong.

As an official, you're in a unique position to help fill your co-workers' emotional tanks when they might otherwise stay empty. Officials too often deal with negative feedback from coaches, athletes and parents, yet must remain steadfast in their abilities to make proper calls, even in the face of extreme criticism. There will certainly be times when you'll need to critique your fellow officials, but make use of this worksheet to help you chart the positives in an official’s performance to help them stay positive and focused on the job at hand.

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