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Tips for a Positive Parent/Coach Partnership

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Coaches and parents both play an important role in the development of youth athletes. To ensure a positive experience for the child, and to avoid parent/coach conflict, parents should recognize the part they play in making the season a success. This can sometimes be difficult for parents. However, it is best for the athletes if parents can provide support in a different way than the coaches do during practices and games.

An important tip to start out on the right foot with your child’s coach is to make early, positive contact with the coach. Since the coach has committed to leading the team, your role as a parent is to offer assistance where needed and to establish a positive connection with that coach. Ask the coach what the parent expectations are, and see how you can help enforce these on the sidelines. Remember that the coaches spend a significant amount of time with your child, so it’s important that you know the staff and that they know you so you can work together to meet your child's needs.

It’s also important to positively reinforce and encourage a coach’s behavior. Let coaches know how much you appreciate their time and commitment, and tell them when you like their approach.

Following the guidelines in this document will help lead you to a Coach-Parent Partnership that benefits your child.

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