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Creating A Strong Coach/Parent Partnership

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Eric Eisendrath, a PCA Lead Trainer, is a former Division One hockey goalie from Brown University and has experience as a soccer, lacrosse, and hockey coach. He leads PCA workshops for coaches, parents, administrators, and student-athletes in the Northeast U.S. In addition to these roles he has 20 years of experience in sports television, covering every major league in professional sports and five Olympic Games.

In this video, Eisendrath describes the challenge parents face when their children start participating in youth sports. He advises that parents focus on the big picture issues, rather than the small-picture issues such as strategies, positional play, and playing time. Usually issues that parents are upset about are not the same issues for their children, therefore it can be ineffective to try and take control of the experience. Though difficult, the best way for parents to handle situations is to step back and emphasize the value of having fun.