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Positive Coaching Takes Work, But It Makes My Job Easier

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Jack Clark, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and member of the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame, has over 35 years coaching experience and is head coach for the University of California Varsity Rugby (@CalVarsityRugby) team, where he has won 27 combined national collegiate championships with an all-time collegiate coaching record of 614-78-5 (.880) in 15s and 109-14 (.886) in the Olympic Games version of 7s.

Clark says that coaching positively makes him better at his job because it makes the team happier and more successful. Believe it or not, he says it can be difficult for him to be positive sometimes because he wants to correct every mistake, but he understands that he must be positively disciplined for the benefit of the team. If he were undisciplined, he would be more negative then he has to be and would therefore be less successful. He has found that forcing some positivity, even when he doesn't want to, makes him a better coach and his program more successful.