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If Coaches Do Their Job Right, Players Will Want To Come Back Forever

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Tod Creneti (@CoachCreneti) is the PCA-Tampa Bay (@PCA_TampaBay) Training Manager. In this position, Tod oversees all things related to Tampa Bay trainers and workshop delivery. He is also the head football coach at St. Stephen's Cathlolic School. Since the early 1990s, Tod has been serving young people and their families as a school administrator, teacher, coach and minister. Tod has worked at the high school level in Virginia, South Carolina and Florida and spent two years at the college level at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Don't get caught up in wins and losses, Creneti says, but understand as a coach that you are in the unique position to shape your athlete's life. Creneti wants coaches to realize that if they are successful, their players will want to come back and play for them in the future, and in twenty years, the player will want to come back and introduce his or her children to the coach. If a coach has done his or her job, the relationship will last a lifetime.