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Double-Goal Coach Job Description

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Coaches play an incredibly influential role in the lives of athletes. Often players spend more time with their coaches than anyone else outside of the home environment. Therefore, it is important that school and youth sports organization (YSO) leaders and administrators take care in setting standards of success for the coaching staff, especially when hiring 1st-time coaches.

At Positive Coaching Alliance, we believe these standards are reflected not just on the scoreboard. While winning is important, it is more important that coaches teach life lessons through sports. We consider a coach that focuses on both of these outcomes to be a Double-Goal Coach®.

A school or YSO where every coach is a Double-Goal Coach will almost certainly find success. Coaches will model and teach players respect through Honoring the Game. Players focus on mastering their sport, which leads to higher effort, learning and improved athletic performance. Athletes also will also have more fun and feel good about what they are accomplishing because coaches are empowering them with positivity as they fill their Emotional Tanks.

To learn more about these Double-Goal Coach methods, check out this job description. This tool can set new standards for your organization or team, and can help improve the experience for athletes.

Are you a league administrator, board member, or athletic director? Positive Coaching Alliance has partnered with thousands of youth sports organizations and high schools to provide training to coaches, parents, athletes and leaders. To learn more about partnering with PCA visit:

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