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If You Want To Be The Best Possible Coach, Positive Coaching Is Crucial

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Chris Fay is the Partnership Manager for PCA-New England (@PCA_New_England). Prior to joining PCA, Chris oversaw the day-to-day operations of Frozen Ropes - one of the area's largest and most successful baseball and softball training centers. During his 10 years at Frozen Ropes, Chris worked with players of all ages, coaches, league directors, and youth sports organizations helping them achieve positive, character-building experiences through sports. His passion for PCA's mission is also what motivates him in his position as the commissioner of Wayland Little League's Developmental Program and Coaching Coordinator.

In this video, Fay emphasizes how crucial it is for new coaches to focus on positivity and sending the right message. Too many new coaches get bogged down in the technical aspects and drills of the game instead of focussing on what is important. He talks about how coaches always talk about how much of the game is mental, and they always give high numbers. He wants coaches to remember this and practice it themselves when coaching instead of just saying it.