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A Message To Parents: Why It Bothers Me That You Coach From The Stands

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Mike Klinzing is the Founder and Executive Director of Head Start Basketball (@HdStartHoops). He is a USA Basketball Youth Development Certified Coach. Mike loves the game of basketball and he always has. When you hear stories about the kid who was always playing basketball in the dark, in the snow, in the living room, that was Mike.

When parents try to coach from the stands, Mike shares, it can be very detrimental for athlete performance. Kids often face enough challenges out on the court without a screaming parent, but adding a parent to the mix makes it very difficult and adds unnecessary pressure to the experience. Instead, Klinzing advises that parents cheer positively not just for their kid but for all kids.

Further, Klinzing shares that advice yelled from the stands is often in direct conflict with the instruction of the coach, which confuses athletes and "freezes" them- does that athlete listen to the coach or their parents? Overall, Klinzing argues that everyone would be better off (yes, you too parents!) if parents avoided coaching from the stands.