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Tips From A Youth Sports Parent

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Simone LaValle is a proud mother of three active boys in the SF Bay Area. She is the club manager for Alpine Strikers FC, a prominent Bay Area soccer club, and serves as an academic mentor for the organization Yours in Soccer. LaValle is earning her Master’s in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco.

In this video, LaValle explains that when a child is passionate about a sport, it is the parent's job to support them by being positive, getting them to practice and making it fun. This support is especially important around game time. Parents best support their children during a game by saying nothing negative on the sidelines.

After the game, some kids may want to talk about the game, but parents should be ready to take a passive role. In her role as a parent, Simone advises that other parents can be most supportive in these situations by simply asking their kid how they are and ensuring that they are still having fun.