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Coaches Who "Go The Extra Mile" For Their Athletes

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In this video, former Stanford University gymnast and coach Larissa Fontaine recalls a coach who went the extra mile to help during a challenging phase of her competitive career. Sidelined by injury and limited in her training capacity, Fontaine benefited from the coach's recognition of the situation, willingness to help and creative approach to doing so.

Fontaine's coach brought her books, some with inspirational quotes, to read during extra time spent stretching in the gym when she could do little else. The coach considered how Fontaine's down-time might affect her psyche and filled time outside the gym with books on tape to consume while driving.

The best youth and high school sports coaches -- perhaps the best leaders in any endeavor -- view those entrusted to them as more than a means to an end. Rather, by supporting those entrusted even at a short-term cost, the coach creates a life-long bond that benefits coach and athlete alike.

Such relationships also can create ripple effects, for example, in the way Fontaine now treats those she leads on the Apps Business Development team for Google Play.