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Coaches Who See Athletes Make A Mistake Can Remind Them Of The Process

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Chris Dahlander, winner of a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap, coaches baseball for Town North YMCA (@YMCADallas). Like many coaches, Dahlander entered coaching intent on offering youth a more positive sports experience than the one he had as a child. That lends to greater perspective on the different ways that sports cam impact youth. Dahlander is also the Founder & CEO of Snappy Salads (@SnappySalads), an award-winning Dallas/Ft. Worth-area restaurant, and has a particular interest in corporate leadership, mentorship, and championing people.

In this clip, Dahlander explains the dynamic between coach and player when a player makes a mistake. He provides the specific language that coaches can use to help players past their mistakes and then to positively reinforce players who bounce back, overcome the mistake, and eventually attain the desired skill or consistency of execution.