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Coaches Who Care About Winning And Helping Their Athletes Find Joy

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Chris Dahlander, winner of a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap, coaches baseball for Town North YMCA (@YMCADallas). Like many coaches, Dahlander entered coaching intent on offering youth a more positive sports experience than the one he had as a child. That lends to greater perspective on the different ways that sports cam impact youth. Dahlander is also the Founder & CEO of Snappy Salads (@SnappySalads), an award-winning Dallas/Ft. Worth-area restaurant, and has a particular interest in corporate leadership, mentorship, and championing people.

In this video, Dahlander explains what he considers most important: the joy players take from simply playing the game. Winning matters, but perhaps more important are the small wins -- such as a simple fielding play that results in an out in baseball -- because those also are the little building blocks that add up to success in life beyond the field.