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The Best Captains

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Jason Borrelli (@Jason_Borrelli) is the head wrestling coach at Stanford University. Before joining the Cardinal coaching staff in 2007, Borrelli wrestled and coached at Central Michigan.

In this clip, Borrelli talks about the role of captains. In his program, captains are selected based on a peer vote because he values how much time the student-athletes spend together during and outside of practice. He admits this can sometimes lead to athletes choosing based on popularity or skill, and he works to avoid this type of captain selection because the role of the captain is crucial in bridging the gap between athletes and the coaching staff and he needs captains who are responsible, trustworthy, and who can view things from a coach perspective.

The best captains Borrelli has had are in the coaching office often to find out why things are being done the way they are and taking it back to their teammates since one of the captain's main roles is to be an extension of the coaching staff.