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Helping Hands: 5 Candidates to Help You Capture Game Footage

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For coaches with limited resources, especially those that volunteer at the youth levels of play, finding help beyond the coaching staff can be a struggle. By being creative with your pitch for help, however, you can easily find someone to help record your games.

Here are the first two options to consider when it comes to finding volunteers to film on game day.

High School Students

For both personal reasons and to pad their college applications, high school students take part in many hours of community service.

Work with school administrators to have recording your games and practice sessions count as official community service hours and you’ll have a pool of volunteers to choose from in no time.

Concession Staff

Yep, you read that right.

More often than not, the concession staff is comprised of unpaid volunteers who help each season because they want to help out the kids and provide a great experience for those attending the games. Talk to the concession manager and work out an arrangement where their workers can record the game in shifts.

They get to see the kids they are helping live out their dreams on the playing field and in turn the workers are more engaged on game day.

Click below to learn about the remaining 3 candidates who can help you film games.

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