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Even If You Aren't LeBron James, You Can Still Be A Game Changer

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David Griffin (@dg_riff) was the General Manager of The Cleveland Cavaliers from 2014 to 2017. As general manager, Griffin repositioned the organization for continued and sustainable success via the draft and trades, while managing the salary cap to sign key free agents in the summer of 2014, namely LeBron James. David Griffin helped the Cavs reach three straight NBA Finals in his three year tenure with the Cavs.

In this video, David Griffin shares that if a player can be taught the fundamentals to the game, (in this case to pass, dribble, and shoot) they can make a difference in the game. They don't have to dribble like Kyrie Irving, shoot like Kyle Korver, or pass like LeBron James to make a difference in the game, but if you as a coach can teach fundamentals and put your players in the right position to make plays, any player can make a difference. Griffin urges coaches to start with, "we're going to be basketball players" and then build from there as players develop.