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A Coach's Role In Athlete Burnout

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Burnout is a major problem in youth and high school sports. This article draws from several scholarly studies to examine the reasons for burnout, especially as related to specific coach behaviors that may lead to athlete burnout.

Essentially, coaches who focus on themselves and their own needs, instead of their athletes' needs, play a bigger role in athlete burnout. Most often, this revolves around the coach's need to win.

A key quotation in the article centers on coaches' self awareness: "The lack of awareness a coach has in relation to the power in the coach-athlete relationship can fundamentally trigger burnout, due to the assumption that coaches have the responsibility to make decisions within sport. Instead, power in the coach-athlete should be seen as constantly shifting, meaning that athletes too should have the freedom to make decisions and have input in regards to direction and choices surrounding their involvement in sport."

The article is housed at BelievePerform.com, which collects articles on sports psychology.

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