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Sport's Role In Uniting People Of Diverse Backgrounds

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Ken Taylor (@TheSpeedDr) played for the Super Bowl Champion 1985 Chicago Bears and is now a private coach, specializing in speed training. He was a three-time Pac-10 Academic All America at Oregon State University as a football player and triple jumper/sprinter, while also earning a bachelors degree in exercise physiology and sport science.

In this clip, Ken recalls how his parents raised him to be accepting of others from different backgrounds. After meeting famed sports sociologist Dr. Harry Edwards, Ken began to realize there was some more going on with sports than just the athletic competition.

In those times in the area where Ken was raised, people considered each other equal and worked together to make the best lives for those in their shared community. "I had no pre-conceived notions about anybody unless they could beat me in the triple-jump!"