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Chip Hale On PCA's Role In Shaping Priorities

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A former Major League Baseball player with the Minnesota Twins, Chip Hale is currently the Manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He’d previously served as a coach for the same team, as well as a third-base coach for the New York Mets and bench-coach for the Oakland A’s.

In this video, shot at a PCA-Phoenix event that also included Grand Canyon University Head Baseball Coach Andy Stankiewicz (@turntwo17) and Diamondbacks Executive Tony La Russa (@TonyLaRussa), Hale reflects on the changes that have taken place in sports culture since he was a player and praises PCA’s role in helping effect those changes.

Highlighting the evolution of values and priorities in sports culture, Hale shares a deep emotional experience, when as a rookie, his manager denied him permission to attend his father-in-law’s funeral. That would never happen today, Hale states, because “the most important thing with our players is (addressing) any issue with their family, anyone who matters” to them.