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When A Coach Embarrasses Their Athletes, It Makes The Coach's Job Hard

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Steve Mariucci (nicknamed "Mooch") (@SteveMariucci) is an American sportscaster primarily for NFL Network. Before that he was the head coach of two different NFL teams, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Detroit Lions. Mariucci also coached collegiately for the University of California Golden Bears.

In this video, provided through PCA's national partnership with USA Football, Mariucci talks about the best and most efficient way to help players learn from their mistakes. He states that when a player makes a mistake it does a disservice to the coach if he publicly, whether new conference or in front of the team, embarrasses them.

Furthermore, Mariucci says that once the embarrassment has occurred, it is very difficult to build the player back up on the field of play. His best advice to coaches is when a mistake has happened, or you need to talk to a player about a sensitive matter that it is imperative to do privately. However, he states that when a positive happens, that a coach needs to share that with the media, or with the team.