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Remember The Player-Ref Ratio When Thinking About An Official's Job

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Jack Clark, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and member of the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame, has over 35 years coaching experience and is head coach for the University of California Varsity Rugby (@CalVarsityRugby) team, where he has won 27 combined national collegiate championships with an all-time collegiate coaching record of 614-78-5 (.880) in 15s and 109-14 (.886) in the Olympic Games version of 7s.

Clark talks about the emphasis on honoring and respecting the game of rugby. This includes all three officials on the field as well as the opposition. In a game without much protection, Clark mentions how this respect is important for the safety of both teams throughout the course of the game. It is about not putting an opposing player or yourself in harm's way. When the final whistle blows, both teams take their time, sincerely shake each other's hand, and wish each other the best of luck going forward.