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4 Best Ways To Fundraise For Your Team

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It seems as though one of the growing responsibilities of a team coach or athletic director is fulfilling the impending financial needs of its team. We’ve listed five exciting ways to fundraise for your sports team-- and gain community support!

1.Host A Neighborhood Street Party

Is your team a big part of the local community? Ask a large neighborhood to participate in a street party! This will make a great impact in your local community, and the fundraising opportunities are limitless! Sell food and drinks, organize games or contests, and watch the donations roll in! All activities are low cost, but simple to gain supporters!

2. Host a Kids Camp

Is your sports team in high school or college? Put your team’s skills to use and organize a day camp for elementary or middle school children. Hosting a kids camp can both raise money and educate children about sports and exercise! Not only will you be able to utilize the registration fees as funds, but you can also instill the value of charity work in your athletes.

3. “Rent an Athlete” Day

Inform your community that your team is looking to raise money, and offer your assistance for any household chores! Popular tasks may include: mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, carrying groceries, babysitting, and dog walking, but get creative! Community members can hire your team and pay them for the task or by the hour.

4. Food Truck Rodeo

We’re sure many of your team’s supporters come hungry to your games, matches, or competitions. Is there a big tournament coming up? Reach out to food trucks in your area and encourage them to attend! You can charge for entrance to the festival, and the trucks can still charge their normal prices.

Ready to host a fundraiser for your team? Click here to view a nonprofit registration platform that allows you to sell tickets, share your event, and manage donations!

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