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Mission Statement For Your School Or Youth Sports Organization

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Mission Statements are an important tool for any business or organized group, including school athletic groups and youth sports organizations. Your mission is what your big-picture focus is, and creating an official statement helps members of your organization keep this perspective in mind at all times.

As a youth sports organization administrator or leader, you have a duty to maintain cultural standards throughout your coaching staff. A clear mission statement, conveying the highest expectations, can aid in this process. As you’ll see in the example provided in this document created by Positive Coaching Alliance, including such standards as “having fun at practices and games” is a great way for administrators to emphasize the cultural value of "fun," which all coaches within the organization should carry forward.

To start developing a Mission Statement, administrators should draft a version, perhaps based on this example, and present it to the board of directors for the organization. The board can form a small committee or approval group that will refine the overarching vision and finalize the mission statement. In the end, this process should serve to reenergize the group and will certainly create accountability moving forward.

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