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Why Character Beats Results In The Long Run

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Amy Manson is a PCA Trainer and a former track and field All-American at Indiana University, who ran professionally for Nike and qualified for three Olympic Trials at the 5,000-meter and marathon distances.

There's always an unofficial event going on in sports: It's character vs. results, competing for the prize of support, respect, admiration, fans and opportunity. Guess what, folks, in the long run, character always wins.

Athletes who feel their performance alone entitles them to anything are likely to be disappointed when nothing follows the podium. Winning on the scoreboard or clock only provides a stage to expose and amplify one's character. What is amplified and exposed on that stage is what THEN earns (or loses) the real prize.

Kudos to the Allyson Felixes, the Missy Franklins, the Ashton Eatons and the Simone Manuels in the Olympics, whose inspiring character has been exposed and amplified through their athletic results (whether exhilarating, or in Missy’s case, disappointing), earning our unconditional respect, admiration and support whether or not they ever reach a podium again.

My take-away: Character can win without athletic results, but the reverse does not hold. That’s a bonus for those who achieve both -- and good news for those of us who will never reach a podium.

To learn more about Amy's take on how some Olympians achieve both, download the full document below.

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