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Shane Battier: Why Being A Triple-Impact Competitor Is Important

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Shane Battier (@ShaneBattier), a PCA National Advisory Board Member, led Duke to the 2001 NCAA National Championship while distinguishing himself as the 2001 Academic All-American of the year. He also helped win two NBA championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013, but is more renowned for being a “no stats all-star” due to his unselfish play and ability to make his teammates better.

In this clip, Battier explains why being a Triple-Impact Competitor® and respecting the game and how it is played is important anytime someone plays a sport. Being a Triple-Impact Competitor is important because no one, not even the elite stars like Michael Jordan, are better than the game. The best competitors respect the game by working hard, not cheating themselves or their teammates.

Sometimes, doing the best you can is not enough to win, but the beauty of sports is that there is always a chance to get better the right way. Being a Triple-Impact Competitor® is important because winning the right way and respecting the game is even more important than winning itself.