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A Post-Game Mastery Approach For Officials

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The best officials are constantly trying to improve. We call that having a teachable spirit. After the competition is over, it’s time to activate your teachable spirit.

Typically there is more than one official or referee working a game. Once competition has completed, spend time debriefing with the other officials. Use this as a learning opportunity by asking questions about your own performance. It’s also a good time to give feedback to your fellow officials. Make sure you provide positive feedback that’s truthful and specific so they can receive your feedback and work toward improvement. Hopefully this will be done in return so you can also benefit.

It’s also useful to spend some time reflecting after the game about your own performance. If available, consider watching a tape of the game and taking notes on your performance. You can learn a lot by watching your actions, and this will help you grow as a referee. Remember, a mastery approach includes willingness to learn new things. Use this time post-game to fill your emotional tank with things you did well and to strive for specific future improvements.

See the PDF below for more details on how you can take a mastery approach as an official, referee, umpire or judge after a competition.

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