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Why Your Child Is The One Who Needs To Start The Post-Game Conversation

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Mike Brown is the current Associate Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors (@warriors). With more than twenty years of coaching experience, including being named the 2009 NBA Coach of the Year, Brown brought his knowledge of the game to the Warriors in 2016 as an Assistant Coach. He brought his knowledge of the game and coaching experience when he stepped in as acting Head Coach in 2017 to lead the Warriors to the best postseason winning percentage in NBA history with a 16-1 record and NBA Championship.

Even as an NBA Coach, Mike Brown discusses the difficulty as a parent of giving input to your student-athlete after a game or practice. He encourages parents to take a step back and allow their student-athlete to approach them for input rather than inserting themselves to let their opinion be known. While acknowledging how difficult that can be, he explains how it gives the student-athlete the chance to approach the parent to begin the discussion and improves their overall relationship. His advice to parents is, " after a game or practice, give them some space, no matter what their personality is"and it will give them the chance to love the game more.