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Growth Mindset Quotes From Carol Dweck

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PCA National Advisory Board Member Carol Dweck is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. She graduated from Barnard College in 1967 and earned a Ph.D. from Yale University in 1972. She taught at Columbia University, Harvard University, and the University of Illinois before joining the Stanford faculty in 2004.

Looking for ways to motivate your players? Searching for pre-game inspiration? Positive Coaching Alliance has collected hundreds of quotes from athletes, coaches, business leaders, authors and philosophers to deliver daily inspiration. These top Growth Mindset quotes from Carol Dweck, PCA National Advisory Board Member and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, can help motivate and inspire athletes, coaches, parents, leaders, and others, to embrace change and a growth mindset.

◆ “The growth mindset says all of these things can be developed. All – you, your partner, and the relation-ship – are capable of growths and change.” (Chapter 6, p. 148)

◆ It had to be a person with a fixed mindset who coined the phrase “Revenge is sweet because people with the growth mindset have little taste for it.” (Chapter 6, p. 145)

◆ “Change can be tough, but I’ve never heard anyone say it wasn’t worth it.” (p. 246)

◆ “Every day presents you with ways to grow and to help the people you care about grow.” (p. 244)

◆ “How can you remember to look for these chances?” (p. 244)

◆ “Praising children’s intelligence harms their motivation and it harms their performance.” (p. 170, 175)

◆ “Speed and perfection are the enemy of difficult learning.” (p. 173, 179)

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