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The Right Mindset Starts When You Get Out Of Bed Each Day

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Wayne Tinkle (@waynetinkle) is the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Oregon State. Before coming to Oregon State he was the head coach at Montana for eight seasons. He also played professionally for 12 seasons until 2000, including stints in the Continental Basketball Association and International Basketball League, and in Sweden, Spain, Italy and Greece.

According to Tinkle, establishing a foundation and a culture must begin even with everyday habits, even as you get out of bed every day. The right mindset for his players starts when they can handle something as simple as making their bed as they start their day. Although it may not seem like a big deal, starting your day with this habit make larger tasks seem more manageable. Working on the "little things" can put student-athletes in the right frame of mind to "get their work done, and get it done early, so that things start to fall into place for them." According to Tinkle, this perspective on habits and detail has helped his athletes improve on the court and in their daily lives.