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Organizations And Teams Can Decide Whether They Value Growth Or Talent

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PCA National Advisory Board Member Carol Dweck is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. She graduated from Barnard College in 1967 and earned a Ph.D. from Yale University in 1972. She taught at Columbia University, Harvard University, and the University of Illinois before joining the Stanford faculty in 2004.

On April 22, 2017, Stanford Professor and author of Mindset, Dr. Carol Dweck, was awarded PCA's Ronald L. Jensen award for Lifetime Achievement at the 16th annual National Youth Sports Awards. This clip is a from Carol Dweck's interview on-stage with PCA National Advisory Board Member Julie Foudy.

In this clip, Dweck speaks about the differences in children and adults having a fixed mindset, versus having a growth mindset. She states that when children have a fixed mindset they are too focused on the outcome of their actions, therefore making them afraid to take risks, or make mistakes. Dweck then explains that a growth mindset is belief that we as adults and children can develop through "hardwork, different strategies, and wonderful mentoring". She then continues that having a growth mindset does not have to pertain to an individual but can actually be applicable to a team. Having a growth mindset on a team, Dweck states, causes each child to adapt, and develop which then becomes the team culture. The culture being the belief that each player can continuously improve, and that every player plays a role in the teams success.

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