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First Aid Kit Items

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Administrators and coaches of sports teams must prepare for all that can happen in a practice or game, including injuries. Even with proper precautions taken, injuries are a part of sports and it’s critical that team leaders be ready to take action.

The first step to dealing with injuries is to have a first aid kit available for immediate response by coaches. Many youth sports coaches have not received any formal first aid training, so having an organized and stocked first aid kit on the sidelines will at least allow staff to administer ice and provide bandages or other items if an injury occurs.

Consider also matching the contents of your first aid kit with your sport. For example, a baseball team might have bruises and scrapes, so be sure to have plenty of ice packs and Band-Aids. A cross-country team might encounter bee stings and need items to respond to allergic reactions.

In case of a more serious injury, make sure you have an emergency plan in place. In addition to an Emergency Action Plan, you should develop a communication tree to alert parents and other organization leaders.

Among the items listed on our sample first aid kit list are ice packs, bandages, athletic tape, gloves and Band-Aids. For our full list see the PDF below, and use it to cross-reference your existing first aid kits before your first practice of the season.

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