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Sample Injury/Incident Report

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Filling out a report on an injury or incident is an important step for youth sport organizations to ensure proper communication and implementation of emergency actions plans. It is critical that any incidents, even minor injuries, be documented so that the organization can maintain a high-level response to player safety concerns. This will also help your YSO handle any questions on how an incident was dealt.

The report should specify if emergency personnel were contacted, and if the parents/guardians were made aware. Additionally, coaches should detail how the incident took place and the nature of the injury. It is important to include the names of witnesses, in case additional details are necessary.

Copies of the injury report should be kept both in the first aid kit, and on the league's website. Coaches should be clear on how to complete it, and who to give it to, so that the procedure is smooth and exhaustive.

For a sample injury/incident report, see this PDF.

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