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Sample League Press Release

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As a youth sports organization leader, you may face the challenge of needing signups for your season. It is recommended that you market your league early and often to get the registration numbers you’re looking for to have a successful season.

One way to promote signups is through the local newspaper. To get the word out, consider generating a press release to send to media contacts.

Parents and athletes have many choices these days on where to play and which leagues to join. It is important to include your leagues mission and focus in the press release to give potential members an idea for how your league will be run and what type of experience they can expect. Promoting your positive coaching culture can be a real differentiator!

Be sure to include the date, time and location for registration in your press release. Additionally, offer some details around age eligibility and requirements.

This PDF provides a sample write-up you might choose to use as a template for your youth sports organization press release.

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