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Emergency Action Plan

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An emergency action plan provides a pre-determined set up steps to take in the case of an injury or emergency. Administrators and youth sports organization leaders are responsible for making sure all coaches are aware of this plan. With differing levels of first aid training and emergency plan knowledge, it’s crucial that this is in writing and distributed before the season.

The plan details steps to be taken following a serious or minor injury. In the case of a serious injury, the coach should alert medical personnel and the athletes' parents/guardians. In addition, they can help to keep the athlete safe and calm until emergency workers arrive. For minor injuries, coaches can offer minor first aid and ice to ease pain and care for the injury.

An incident report should always be completed for both serious and minor injuries so that the event is documented and the board is made aware. The report should be turned in to the player agent or another board member. Coaches should remember to maintain confidentiality and not disclose information about the injury to anyone other than emergency personnel, board members and the athlete's parents/guardians.

For more details on how to respond in case of an injury, and how to create an emergency action plan for your YSO, see the expanded information in this article.

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