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PCA has made its name by presenting more than 13,000 live workshops for youth and high school sports leaders, coaches, parents and athletes, who have called their workshop experience "transformative" and "life-changing." Our workshop titles are:


  • "Leading Your Organization"
  • "Leading Your Athletic Department: High School Sports as a Development Zone™"


  • “Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons”
  • “Double-Goal Coach: Culture, Practices and Games”
  • Positive Motivation: Getting the Best from Athletes"
  • “Double-Goal Coach: Coaching the Mental Game”
  • "Double-Goal Coach: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors®"


  • “The Second-Goal Parent®: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors"
  • "The High School Sports Parent: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors"
  • “The Second-Goal Parent Talk: Tips and Tools to Develop Winners in Life Through Sports”
  • "High School Parent Talk: Tips and Tools to Develop Winners in Life through Sports"


  • “Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor”


  • "PCA Consultation"

For more information on live workshops available for your high school, see the PDF below. Included in this document are descriptions for various athlete, coach, parent and leadership workshops. If you're interested in bringing PCA to your school or league, you can request more information here.

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