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Second-Goal Parent® Pledge

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A school or organization dedicated to creating a positive youth sports experience must make sure the team parents are on the same page. This means fully integrating them into the cultural standards that you’re trying to set as a youth sport organization leader, administrator or coach. Not only do parents play an integral role on the sidelines, but they can also help reinforce cultural norms at home with the athletes.

Therefore, it is recommended that parents take a pledge so that there’s no misunderstanding about what the expectations are for the season. This should help avoid parent/coach conflict and will ease your ability to maintain a positive culture. This pledge should be distributed prior to the season so that questions, comments or concerns can be addressed before the games begin. It is easier to set standards for a sport culture before the season starts than try to shift them once the season begins.

This pledge covers many Positive Coaching Alliance mantras, including reinforcing the ELM Tree of Mastery, Honoring the Game and Filling Emotional Tanks. As youth sport organizations begin to adopt these practices, parents should feel like active participants in establishing and maintaining a positive culture.

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