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3 Questions Parents Can Ask For A Better Car-Ride Home Conversation

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Michael Connell is a former professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour (@PGATOUR). Connell attended Mississippi State University and now resides in Dallas, Texas.

According to Connell, if a child has played poorly, the parent has the perfect opportunity to fill a kid's emotional tank, rather than continue to drain it during the car-ride home.

Connell suggests that if you say anything related to the game at all, you might think about asking the following three questions:

1) What did you learn today?

2) What can we improve on next time?

3) Did you have fun?

Connell also reminds parents that most kids do not play professional sports or college sports, so parents cannot forget that third and most important question as they try to keep it fun for their kids. This can help kids focus on the positives more than the negatives of their experience.