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Why Being Positive Is Worth It Even If It Isn't Always Easy

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Heather Woody, a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner, coaches for the Iowa Speed Track and Field club. Woody and her coaching staff serve about 220 athletes, mostly residing in or near Iowa City, but some arriving from two hours’ driving distance. “Anybody can be a part of this,” she said. "We don’t care if they’re fast. We don’t care if they’re talented. We just want kids to do things that are healthy and positive."

In this video, Woody says that being positive is a way of being, an attitude, and an energy. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive at all times, but she says that it is so beneficial in the long run. She uses it as a way to influence all of her athletes, no matter where they are at in their lives. This positivity is a force she uses to drive her program. When Woody and the rest of the coaches leave, she says they are exhausted but on cloud nine because of the positivity they gave out and received back from the athletes.