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Identity Wheel Activity

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The Identity Wheel worksheet is an activity that encourages student-athletes to indicate and reflect on the various ways they identify both personally and socially, how those identities become visible or more strongly felt at different times, and how those identities impact the ways others perceive or treat them. Using an identity wheel is one way to narrow in on terms and concepts that speak to how we feel about ourselves and help us put into words our most deeply held concepts of self. The identity wheel prompts students to fill in various identities (such as race, gender, ability, disability, sexual orientation, etc.) and further categorize those identities based on which matter most in their self-perception and which matter most in others’ perception of them.

The identity wheel activity can:

  • Help challenge students to think critically about their identity and how it relates to how they feel in different social contexts,
  • Understand their power to define themselves and their own identity vs. it being assigned to them,
  • Increase awareness of how privilege operates to normalize some identities over others, and
  • Build community and encourage empathy through recognizing shared identities with teammates and celebrate the diversity of identities in the classroom.

To learn more and try the identity wheel activity with your team, check out this resource adapted by the Program on Intergroup Relations & Spectrum Center, LSA Inclusive Teaching Initiative, University of Michigan.

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